100% Transparency Or Your Money Back… Guaranteed!  

I have been building high quality links since 2011 and now pride myself on being the best white hat link building consultant in London.

I help companies across the globe to research, outreach and secure highly related links that drive referral traffic, search engine rankings & ultimately sales!

The SEO & link building industries have many sharks operating, fly by night companies and scam operators who promise the earth and deliver no results…

Here at HonestOutreach.com you can be sure of 100% transparency from our very first point of contact and that you will receive highly related, genuine outreach, pure white hat links.

This page will give you a very detailed overview of the exact steps myself and my assistant carry out for each and every client, just as we will for you when you choose to become a client. 

Because we are such a small team you benefit from the following:

  • A single point of contact (me), 
  • 100% transparency in everything we do
  • Access to live work reports
  • Highly Related Links from outreach

However we can only work with 6-8 clients at a time. I currently have space for one or two more – so have a read and get in touch today. 

This is what we will do for you when you become a client of Honest Outreach – lets drive your business forward together! 

Create A Unique Gmail Account

We create a unique gmail account for each client which is used for the entire outreach campaign. This allows us to use the persona of the business owner when reaching out for link opportunities. 

Using the persona of the business owner highly increases the number of viable opportunities compared to using my company email address.

You get access to the Gmail account, so you can login and see our work in progress! How many SEO companies do you know if that are that transparent?

Access Your Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks your website visitors, it will reveal incredible data to use when making decisions about your campaign both initially and in the long term. 

If you already have Google analytics installed then we will require access, don’t panic if you haven’t. We will install Google Analytics on your website for you. 

Access Your Search Console

Search Console is another Google tool that contains a realm of data that can be used to benefit your campaign. It will show me which keywords your website is appearing for in the search results and the volume of traffic received from each keyword.

I look for hidden opportunities in both Google Analytics & Search Console, the two used correctly together allow me to discover your most popular content and “verge content” that needs a little push to potentially make a big impact of your website rankings and traffic. 

Inspect Your Anchor Text Ratio

Your anchor text ratio will have a huge impact on your search engine rankings and traffic. 

But what is anchor text?

Anchor text is the linked text when one per page/site links to another. 

Google and other search engines look at anchor text as a core ranking factor – over optimisation of this can lead to ranking penalties and little to no traffic! 

We inspect your Anchor Text Ratio using a number of SEO tools including Ahrefs, SEM Rush & Moz Pro. I will then advise if we need to build some “natural anchor links” from easy link sources to kick start your campaign. 

Content Audit 

I throughly audit your content looking for content that is ”link worthy” or that could be tweaked or expanded upon to become “link worthy”. 

We have an in depth discussion around content ideas, distribution and the likely investment for the creation of any unique highly linkable assets. 

Any new / improved content is obviously an additional investment. I highly recommend using my writers as they are experienced in writing great content for the web – just what we need to get the maximum return on investment for you. 

An example link worthy piece of content that we created for one client was a calculator for their niche, a very useful, specialist tool for thier potential clients to use.  It was a great reference for many sites in the industry to link to.

Links Audit

Using all the data gathered via my suite of SEO tools I carefully analyse the existing backlink profile of your entire website. 

Some of the data points I will look at for each page include:

  • Anchor text relevance
  • Anchor text optimization
  • TF (Trust Flow)
  • CF (Citation Flow)
  • DA (Domain authority)
  • PA (Page Authority)
  • Link History 

This allows us to make the correct decisions throughout your link building campaign. 

On-Page/Site Optimisation 

Most websites have room for improvement on page / onsite from a technical perspective and from a User Experience perspective. 

I make recommendations for both of these areas to be implemented.

Improvements that can be seen from these improvements are usually:

  • A faster site loading time 
  • A longer time on site per visitor
  • More pages navigated per visitor 

All of which are factors in the Google ranking algorithm. 

If you are looking for maximum results from your link building campaign then these foundation improvements are a key starting point.

Add Content To Targets 

I list all of your website pages that are to be used in your campaign in a live spreadsheet for both you and I to access. 

This keeps track of the content and links – ensuring we are moving forward with all of the discovered link building opportunities. 

This sheet also contains all of the discovered keywords which I feel your content does, should and could rank for – allowing us a point of reference when building your links. 

This keeps everything operating in a very organised manner, again with 100% transparency!

Google Search Operators List 

I will create a huge list of Google Search operators to manually locate link opportunities that fit our criteria. 

These opportunities are documented in the live spreadsheet for you to access. 

Select The Best Link Types For Your Specific Campaign

These are many different types of link opportunities. 

Depending upon your website and the market that you serve I will select 2-3 types of links to target. The selected links types will be the ones which I believe will give you the best return on your investment. 

Some link types will require “link worthy” content on your site where as others will require content that will be used on the site at the source of the link opportunity. 

The will form the base of your outreach campaign.

Find Opportunities

Once we have complied the master list of relevant link opportunities I manually view each and every site and decide if a link from them is worthy of the manual outreach process.

Some of reasons websites will fail are:

  • Not relevant enough
  • No organic traffic 
  • An SEO Blog Network Site (A form of shady SEO)

Outreach Begins

Now the magic happens as I personally, manually reach out to each of the highly targeted link sources with a personalised email. I research each site to try to locate the best email to send the email to and along with the owners name.

The type of email that is sent will depend on the exact type of link that we are looking to acquire from the targeted site. 

By taking this approach I am have built and continue to build a vast network of genuine link opportunities – links that are not avaliable to purchase on any marketplace! 

Follow up

My process includes regular follow ups with all targets until we create an opportunity or the target states that they are not interested. 

The process tracks each email sent so we know which webmasters have read our emails, not opened them or have replied. 

Follow up messages are again tailored to each webmaster based upon the original personalisation and weather or not they have read the first email.

Where possible I will even follow up with a phone call, resulting in even more link opportunities. 


Results are what matter in business! That is why I focus on link building opportunities that are 100% white hat, relevant and authoritative. 

The expected results are:

  • Referral Traffic Growth 
  • Organic Search Traffic Growth 

Ultimately the links that I build help to increase your search engine rankings, bringing more targeted visitors to your business. 

Contact me today if these are the results that your business deserves.

Typical Expectations 

The end result will greatly depend on which market your website is in, what content we have to work out, and the number of targets we reach out to along with the reaction of the webmasters we reach out to. 

I aim for a minimum of 10 links per month for each campaign however we have achieved over 100 links in a single month campaign for one client.

The more content we have to work with, you are willing to create or invest into then the more link opportunities we will generate for you. 

Reporting & Tracking 

I use a live project management spreadsheet that is shared with you as my client along with my VA. 

The spreadsheet contains all of the working information including accounts, login details, link targets along with content ideas and opportunities for your campaign.

Because the spreadsheet is live you are able to login and take a look at any time! 

Complete transparency throughout your whole campaign – Thats why my clients trust me wholeheartedly with their link building.

This is amazing, but how much does it cost?

I offer a monthly subscription link building package (with no contract) whereby we source and prospect 200 related link targets resulting in a minimum of 10 links new, high quality, white hat backlinks. 

The monthly package is $2000 USD. 

Because I choose to keep my service personal I am only physically able to serve 7-8 clients per month.

Contact me now to discuss how I can help you explode your traffic and revenue from organic referral and search traffic!